Terms and Conditions

Term & Conditions


Minimum rental period: 1 day(24h).
Age: Minimum age limit for all categories is 23 years of age.
Drivers license: The driver must have a driver’s license that has been issued for at least a year and is valid in Greece. For drivers licenses of countries that are not members of the E.C. an international driver’s license is required.
BABY SEATS: All sizes available on request.


Prices include the following covers:

1.For death or injury to third parties up to 500.000 euro.
2. For material damage to third parties up to 100.000 euro
3. (C.D.W): the renter is responsible for the damage to his car up to a maximum of 500 euro for all groups, except the mini buses that is 1.ooo euro.  These terms apply provided the damage is not due to violations of the Greek Traffic Law.
4. Tyre Insurance: Punctured or unrepaired tyres will be replaced free of charge on all vehicles. (the tyre insurance does not apply if the vehicle is driven with a flat tyre).
5. Fire and Theft.
6.(F.C.D.W): this extra insurance eliminates the excess mentioned in paragraph above.  This is provided at an extra cost of 10 euro per day for all groups and 20 euro for the mini buses applies only if there has not been a violation of the Greek Traffic Law.
Insurance is not valid and the renter is responsible for damages when:

– The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
– The car is driven on non-paved roads (except of the 4X4 vehicles)
– The car is driven with a flat tyre
– The driver participates in extemporary car races or drives recklessly
– The driver exceeds the speed limit
– The driver uses fuel different to the one recommended by the manufacturer
– The car is driven by non-authorized persons
– The driver does not return the car on the date and time agreed by the rental lease
Additional Explanations:

– All insurances are valid only on the island of Kefalonia
– All traffic fines are paid by the renter
– The fuel (unleaded only) is paid for by the renter
– Bookings are made by group and not by car type

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